Already have a high quality single and music video? Our marketing team will:

  • create digital graphic art and promotional materials for your website and social media.
  • publish your single and/or music video online and make your single available for purchase at online stores such as Itunes. Google Play, Tidal, Amazon Music, Spotify and more.
  • submit your single/video to blogs, magazines and radio stations for airplay.


Make It Hard (2016)

Directed by: Kestallo

​Work with a professional engineer and producer at Digitracks Recording Studio, a state of the art recording studio located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Get your songs recorded, mixed and mastered. Custom instrumentals start at $25. New studio locations TBA

Do you have an original idea for a movie? The PHE Movie Deal includes:

  • access to professional talent agent, full production team and marketing team
  • assistance with movie script writing, casting, filming and editing
  • publishing package with DVD distribution.

Music and Video Production Services


  • access to professional talent agent, producer and marketing team all working for you
  • studio time to record one song with custom instrumental included
  • music video/ photo shoot for your single
  • publishing package for your single and a performance slot


We are a group of professional Audio Engineers, Video Engineers, Producers and Recording Studios all working together to bring you phenomenal audio and video products and helping talented artists establish and maintain careers in the entertainment industry. Fill out the form below to "Book A Session" or CLICK HERE to CONTACT US today!


Work with a professional director and videographer to record and edit a high quality HD music video that captures the performance of your song and tells your story. We also shoot and edit promotional commercials and interviews.